They Shall Overthrow: Galt Aureus (@GaltMusic) Presents “Treason”


Galt Aureus is the American duo of vocalist/pianist Saher Galt and guitarist/vocalist Susan Williams, and they have recently released their third independent album called Treason.  I previously wrote about their song “Citadels”, and the duo continues to make symphonic, orchestral, majestic-sounding alternative rock.  For those of you who enjoy medieval lore mixed in with futuristic sci-fi, Treason is definitely for you.  It’s highly cinematic, and would also serve well as a soundtrack to an epic kind of video game.  With dogged determination and passion, the protagonist in the story throughout Treason is revolutionary, leading a charge to overthrow the dominant machines.  The story is consistently compelling throughout from “Machine” and the title song, through to “Decay” (watch the animated lyric video below), “Fractures In The Steel”, and “Revive The Light”.  It seems like a dark, nihilistic story but there is promise at the end, but through revolution.  And sometimes you have to overthrow to save the world!  Galt Aureus takes the best of progressive songwriters and artists like Jim Steinman, Alan Parsons, and Pink Floyd, channels it through classical music and contemporary modern rock to arrive at a unique sound that commands your attention.  I’ve also included the promo video for the album below.  You can purchase Galt Aureus’ Treason on iTunes or through their smart-looking website right here (where you can also join their “Legion”).

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