Don’t Think – Dance! @KristineWmusic Brings Us Full Circle with “Love Come Home”

KRISTINE W., “Love Come Home”

Honestly, there haven’t been many singers who call dance clubs their second home who have endured for 20 years and score big every time.  Kristine W. could be set to land her 17th #1 on Billboard’s Dance Club Play chart (which has eluded her since 2011).  All of her lead artist entries have reached the Top 5.  That’s just insane!!  I’ve been a fan since 1994’s seminal “Feel What You Want”, one of my Top 10 favourites of that year, which introduced the former Miss Washington to us in an Annie Lennox-like gender-bending video (below) – and who could forget that fluffy white spider/boa thingy? 😛  I still play her 1996 album Land Of The Living regularly.  It is an inspiration and radio should have embraced its songs more at the time.  A cancer survivor in the early 2000’s, Kristine continued on with so many club classics – “Fly Again”, “The Wonder Of It All”, and “Save My Soul” among them.

Fast forward 10 years and we have “Love Come Home”.  This song was actually a minor UK hit in 1994 by Our Tribe which featured Kristine on vocals, very reminiscent of “Land Of The Living” at times.  What better way to connect the past with the present.  Kristine’s new version is as vital as her 90’s successes.  The accompanying video above is all about the love – colourful and energetic and a real showcase for Kristine, decked out majestically once again in unique fashion (remember, back in the day Lady Gaga was a child).  Here’s to dance clubs never, ever letting go of Kristine W!!


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