Wear It: @BrandynBurnette with “Sleeve”

BRANDYN, “Sleeve”

L.A.-based singer/songwriter Brandyn Burnette once again has unveiled another song from his upcoming album due internationally in early 2015.  It’s a beauty of a ballad called “Sleeve”, which puts well-fleshed out words over top of a simple piano melody.  Love is a complex thing and Brandyn has a lot to say about it – and he sings in such an affecting, understanding way from life experience that you will hang on to every word.  There is no denying that Brandyn’s album will be every bit as special as he believes it will be when we are able to purchase it.  Songs like “Sleeve” set the bar quite high for other singer/songwriters out there and Brandyn’s place among them is well deserved.  Brandyn is also working with Sean Kingston… should be interesting!

And here’s the exclusive backstory about the song from the singer himself 🙂

The story for this song happened so organically. I was actually working with the legendary Diane Warren in her studio when she took a lunch meeting and let me hang out while she was gone and play her grand piano. My mom called me and I rushed her off the phone because I was in this fancy studio and didn’t want to spend too much time on the phone. Immediately I felt gutted because my mom just wanted to say hello. So when I hung up the phone, there I was, staring at the view of the Hollywood sign through one of the biggest songwriters in history’s studio. I thought to myself as I shuffled my gaze between the Hollywood hills and my cell phone, is this what I traded for my dreams? Family for fame? In that moment I felt so disconnected from home and where I was brought up… So in the moment I put my iPhone voice memo on record and I started playing what became ‘Sleeve’.

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  1. […] about “Sleeve” as well as Brandyn’s exclusive back story about the song right here.  It’s one of Brandyn’s best songs, and I don’t know if it will be on his […]

  2. […] A while ago, the singer gave me the exclusive back story on the song which you can read right here. I’m hoping “Sleeve” will get an official release on Brandyn’s upcoming album. The […]

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