@AdamTylerx Pairs Up with The Wookie (@wookie_official) for “The Dreamers” (free download)


THE WOOKIE featuring ADAM TYLER, “The Dreamers”

To paraphrase the old song, what do you get a Wookie(e) when he already has a comb?  Well, you match him up with L.A.-based singer Adam Tyler, that’s what!  It’s great to hear Adam both in and out of his element on “The Dreamers”, this EDM collaboration with producer/DJ The Wookie (aka Gabriel Garcia).  The Wookie has provided a rich production with somewhat of an echoey effect which makes Adam’s vocal sound a little disembodied, but that’s not a bad thing at all, it makes the song highly recognizeable.  Of course having Adam’s encouraging vocal also greatly enhances the positive vibe of the song, because where would we be without the dreamers of the world?  “The Dreamers” soars at all of the right moments, and making it highly dancefloor-worthy, so I hope some remixes are in the offing soon.  Download “The Dreamers” at the Soundcloud link above.