Powerful and Haunting: “Waterfall” by @SmashSatellites


I’ve come to really enjoy Smashing Satellites’ debut EP A-Side (SonicAluzion) these past few months and after seeing the Canadian quartet in concert in November.  “Waterfall” wasn’t my favourite song from the EP upon first few listens, but it’s now a song I look forward to when shuffling through new songs on my iPod.  The powerful and haunting new video helps bring more meaning to what might sound initially like a pretty abstract kind of song.  To me it’s about inner rage when trapped in circumstances from which one can’t seem to escape.  You’re the “Waterfall”, you can barely breath (because you’re water, after all), see or move, but you can see things and people around you, but are seemingly helpless.  I’m sure that individuals who suffer from depression, anxiety or other conditions must feel that way sometimes and the video may as such strike a chord with some viewers.  But don’t get me wrong, “Waterfall” is not at all a hard video to watch, featuring expressive lead singer Salvatore Costa.  It’s quite stylish and full of intriguing effects.  Most of all, it’s memorable and helps the power of the song come out.   “Waterfall” may  very well be a breakthrough for Salvatore and Smashing Satellites in the coming months.

Smashing Satellites plays The Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto on April 7. 

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