Less Is Waaay More in @BadW0lfy’s Cover of @EllieGoulding’s “Love Me Like You Do”

BAD W0LFY, “Love Me Like You Do”

I’ve definitely missed Bad W0lfy’s solo songs, although she (aka Ro Danishei) has been part of the wonderful and promising duo Wrathschild with Simon Curtis, releasing two singles last year.  The pair sounds just great together or separate, and W0lfy’s followed that up with her cover of Ellie Goulding’s #1 UK hit “Love Me Like You Do” from the forthcoming film “50 Shades Of Grey”.  While Ellie’s is trademarked with her distinct vocal and a massive arrangement that will undoubtedly make it a centerpiece for the film, W0lfy’s rendition is a bit of a rebirth that pulls it back to showcase her voice with a simple arrangement.  The results sounds so beautiful and effortless that we fans of her 2011 album End Of The Rainbow are going to want much more soon!  While I loved the intense electronica of Rainbow, the showcase on “Love Me Like You Do” would only make me embrace a more stripped back setting, not unlike my favourite singers of the moment such as Sam Smith and Jessie Ware.  Watch the video above and download “Love Me Like You Do” for free at the Soundcloud link  below.

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