There’s “No Tellin'” with @Drake: Must-Hear New Music from Toronto’s @RiverTiber with “No Talk”


A huge WOW event occurred in the past few weeks for Toronto’s River Tiber, a band that brings the music of the extremely humble and crazy-talented multi-instrumentalist Tommy Paxton-Beesley to life in concert, while Tommy usually handles all vocal, instrumental and production duties on the River Tiber records.  Drake unleashed his surprise album If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late.  That #1 album contains a song called “No Tellin'”.

Although neither Tommy nor River Tiber receives a credit for it, “No Tellin'” (which has already reached #81 on the Billboard Hot 100) samples the newly-released River Tiber song “No Talk”.  As regular readers know, I’ve been writing about River Tiber for the last two years, since the inauspicious independent debut From Now On, and River Tiber songs have graced the upper reaches of my personal chart.  What’s great about “No Talk” is that it’s one of Tommy’s most intriguing songs that will have you thinking about it as much as enjoying it.  Getting with its off-kilter rhythm is a challenge but fun. You’re then left to create your adventure and find your way through a busy jungle full of  layered instruments (including cello) and vocals.  

“No Talk” however has this sly groove underneath that would be more likely found on a hip hop record, which of course leads us back to Drake’s song and also to the Sour Soul album by BADBADNOTGOOD and Ghostface Killah (which I wrote about recently) – to which Tommy contributed strings and horns!   The door is suddenly opening wide for River Tiber and I couldn’t be happier.  Listen to “No Talk” above and get it on iTunes, and of course listen to Drake’s “No Tellin'” below.

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