Always Fun, Always Naughty: Those @Janoskians take on Los Angeles with “L.A. Girl”


Just keep telling yourself that it’s all in the name of fun, and you will enjoy both the music and the ongoing antics of Australia’s The Janoskians – which consists of the three Brooks bros – eldest Beau plus younger twins Jai and Luke – along with Daniel Sahyounie and James Yammouni.  It seems that every now and then we need a band that fills the gaps preceded by the likes of McFly, Busted, The Romantics, Blink-182, and so many others who create infectious and edgy punkish guitar pop/rock.  The difference with The Janoskians though is that they do not hold anything back, and in the video for the delightful “L.A. Girl” three of the band members proceed to alternately surprise and terrify Los Angeles denizens while garbed only in their skivvies, or even less (as you will/won’t see).  And I like what they do, in terms of slightly risqué but often slapsticky fun that will leave you smiling (or aghast) regardless.  Plus, from what I’ve seen online, the guys are extremely good to their fans, and only in this day and age could you have 1.5 million followers and no outright worldwide hit.  The Janoskians and their team know they have a good thing going for now, and their new EP Would You Love Me is now available on iTunes for your enjoyment.

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