@PenguinPrison previews new album with “Never Gets Old” and “Try To Lose”

PENGUIN PRISON, “Never Gets Old” and “Try To Lose”

It’s seemed like forever since DJ/producer/multi-instrmentalist Penguin Prison’s self-titled debut dropped in 2011, though Chris Glover has kept plenty busy with touring, remixing, and guesting on other performers’ songs (like RAC’s “Hollywood” for example).  Following up the delightful confection “Calling Out” are “Never Gets Old” and “Try To Lose” from PP’s sophomore album Lost In New York, due on May 5.  “Never Gets Old” plays just like a lost 70’s timeless pop gem, while “Try To Lose” has that slick funk groove that PP acquainted us with so well on songs like “Multi-Millionaire” or “Golden Train”.  With Chris’ engaging vocals, they all sound like they’re part of a logical continuation from PP’s first album, though as fans know, Chris is always full of surprises (and can transform them into club smashes too), so I definitely can’t wait to hear the full new album, which you can sample on his You Tube channel.  Right now, at least in Canada, you can purchase both “Never Gets Old” and “Calling Out” on iTunes.

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