@SteveGrandmusic rocks out with diverse debut crowd-funded album “All-American Boy”

STEVE GRAND, All-American Boy

The wait is over, and one of the most incredible and engaging crowd-funding experiences has allowed Chicago’s Steve Grand to release All-American Boy tomorrow, Monday, March 23.  If you’ve been hiding in the bushes for close to the last two years, you’ve missed Steve soaring to international attention with “Stay” and of course the country flavoured title song (and its viral video, taking the singer to new heights as an inspiring, grounded gay role model) , as well as a classic-pop piece of storytelling with “Back To California”.  They are all included in All-American Boy.

This led to the Kickstarter campaign which raised over $300,000 for Steve to use to create All-American Boy with all of the proper bells and whistles and behind-the-scenes costs covered.  Through it all though Steve has remained an unstoppable force, following through personally on every pledge, making it a one-of-a-kind experience, and continuing to receive exposure through touring to key destinations, including many gay pride events last year.  To think this is only the beginning!

All-American Boy is to me a rock album with many classic pop flourishes and lots of roots sown in country and blues music, and solid musicianship and harmonies throughout to support it.  When Steve isn’t looking to have a grand time with you 😛 he’s pensive and reflective, with recent single “Time” probably most representative of this.  Steve wasn’t born in the 80’s but the album is full of arrangements which recall the early part of that decade, specifically classic rock and pop by the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Elton John and Billy Joel, and perhaps others like Rick Springfield, Queen, Foreigner, and Journey.  It’s no surprising that some of these performers are his key influences, he sings and plays their inspiration proudly.  The best parts of All-American Boy are when Steve gets to let loose.  “We Are The Night” (which will be a concert favourite and could be a subsequent single) and the Springsteen-ish “Run” are fine anthems, and jaunty lead single “Whiskey Crime” and “Soakin’ Wet” are just down home fun.  “Say You Love Me” is the winning opening song, while “Next To Me”, “Better Off”, and “Red, White and Blue” are well-crafted pop songs.  Along with “Back To California” and “Time”, “Lovin’ Again” slows it down at the piano as Steve sings about one of those romances that makes you question if you’d do it all again.

All in all, the next few years for Steve Grand are going to be amazing.  He has a natural, honest charm that can win over the strictest of nay-sayers.  And while his success has elevated him to be a spokesman for gay and equity issues, if the music and the talent weren’t already front and centre, this album would not be here.  I admire Steve’s determination and confidence and look forward to seeing his show when he’s next in my city.

Be sure to pick up All-American Boy on iTunes!

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