Zorro Blakk (@zblakk) is back with “Imagine The Future” and a remarkable video

ZORRO BLAKK, “Imagine The Future”

Following up last year’s album full of electropop delights, The Fairy Tale Of Zorro Blakk, the talented singer/songwriter brings us yet another confection, “Imagine The Future”, from the forthcoming album The Golden Years.  The song serves as a fine introduction to what’s to come – gentle and melodic europop that sketches out an interesting story.  Even better, an evocative tale is brought to life by tying in a remarkable, fascinating, and absorbing video by Brent Bonacorso.  For many years I’ve always considered videos to be mere marketing tools, but every now and again one like this one comes along that it is so enthralling, and “Imagine The Future” is one of the best I’ve seen in recent years.  I’m not going to give anything away – and have a few tissues handy – it will not take you to the point that a clip from “The Wizard Of Oz” is revealed to realize where the video may lead you.  It transforms “Imagine The Future” into a story of adventure, love, loss, solitude, fear, and ultimately contentment.  I can’t wait to hear more new Zorro Blakk songs from The Golden Years, and will keep you all posted 🙂

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