EDM treasure trove: 11 songs by @Parralox on “Aeronaut”

PARRALOX, Aeronaut

You’ve already read my recent rave blog post about the New Order-meets-Human League flavoured title song from Australian duo Parralox’s latest Aeronaut (featuring backup vox by the other member of Parralox, singer Johanna Gervin).  And John von Ahlen is one busy guy, with another record called Subculture coming later in the year.  Wearing both 80’s inspiration and today’s technology on his sleeve, John incorporates his original style with far too many elements and sounds of the last three and a half decades or so to identify.  And it makes Aeronaut a pleasure to hear (and dance to!) throughout.  

Right after John’s remix of “Aeronaut” comes “Atmosphere”, which is going to take you back music and sound-wise to the days of Frankie Goes To Hollywood and Trevor Horn indulgences.  It’s got a huge boom to it and could easily mashup with “Relax” or “Two Tribes”!  “Do You Feel What I Feel” happily channels industrial dance of the 80’s reminiscent of Front 242 or Nitzer Ebb, while the lighter “Mystery” is right up Thompson Twins territory.  “Somebody II” (in original ballad or dance remix form) is a perfect companion to Depeche Mode’s own “Somebody”.  And the album closes off with the innovative and progressive instrumental “Zero”, which stands beautifully next to such recent releases as Giorgio Moroder’s “74 Is The New 24” or Pet Shop Boys’ “Axis”.  

So if you long for the halcyon 80’s days or are interested in hearing songs outside of the mainstream but essential for clubs, then Aeronaut is for you!  Well done to John and Parralox, and Subculture will definitely have my attention when it arrives!  Check out the beautifully shot video for “Aeronaut” above (ahhhhh Paris how I miss you!).

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