@Harrietsmusic embraces classic pop with “Fly”


Once again, UK singer Harriet proves why there is always a place for classic pop with her upcoming release “Fly” (due in Canada on iTunes on May 5).  Co-written by and produced by the always amazing Steve Anderson, “Fly” really turns back a few pages to 80’s pop songs by the likes of say Sheena Easton or Chrissie Hynde to tell the story of someone who knows that love is out there, even after crashing and burning, because there will always be another chance to “Fly” and be swept off her feet again.  Harriet always has a fresh confidence in her performance, while knowing how difficult it is to downplay the omnipresent (and much loved) Karen Carpenter sound in her voice.  But everything really gels quite well in “Fly”, and I for one think Harriet will be due for much recognition for it when it’s released in two weeks – just watch!  And do check out the video above and all of its lovely (*sigh*) London scenery.