Splendid sophomore solo album songs from @BrandonFlowers with “Lonely Town” and “Can’t Deny My Love”

BRANDON FLOWERS, “Lonely Town” and “Can’t Deny My Love”

The Killers are a band whose individual songs I enjoy more than their entire albums, and their 2012 release Battle Born kind of lost me.  But singer Brandon Flowers’ debut solo album Flamingo was one of my favourites of 2010, including tremendous songs like “Crossfire” and “Jacksonville” (on the deluxe edition), and his solo show was much different from a Killers concert.  And as different and standout was Flamingo, you will find the lead off songs from his upcoming second album The Desired Effect to recall the 80’s influenced sound that got The Killers noticed in the first place with the Duran Duran overtones of “Somebody Told Me”.  Both “Lonely Town” and “Can’t Deny My Love” are powerful songs that sound like they want to be stuck in 1985 (when of course the singer was but 4) but fast-forwarded 30 years ahead.  Brandon is always a great storyteller, and I think these songs may draw back some Killers fans who thought his Flamingo album was too far removed from the music of the band.  These songs should also throw Brandon into dance club territory too, so I am very hopeful for some remixes.  “Lonely Town” and “Can’t Deny My Love” (in which I particularly enjoy the vocal break and electronic splash that follows) are ear-worms which should endure into the summer.

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