A Thoughtful fan video college for “I Wanna Be (Free)” by @BrandynBurnette

BRANDYN BURNETTE, “I Wanna Be (Free)” (official fan video)

I don’t usually write another post about a song I’ve already blogged about recently (which you can read right here 🙂 ), but I was definitely curious about the results L.A. singer/songwriter Brandyn Burnette would receive when he asked fans to take a selfie and submit them also stating something they would like to be free of.  So what we have was probably emotionally-wracking and tearful to assemble in the first place, and shows the importance of performers as role models for young people. It also confirms that music is truly an escape from everyday life, where you can forget about the rest of your day and drift off to a song that’s beautifully sung with an enchanting melody like Brandyn’s “I Wanna Be (Free)”.   For some of these young folks, the issues they identify might come at a rough point in their lives which might be temporary; for others, they will live with them forever.  BUT they will never forget a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be included in this video.  For someone whose heart and wisdom beyond his years always seem to be in the right place, be sure to follow Brandyn Burnette on Twitter, Facebook, or your social media app of choice.  

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