Dance To Diss: @BrightLightx2 & @MsAnaMatronic with “Good Luck” (remix)


The music of Bright Light Bright Light is never too far away from a blog post, and I’m happy to hear that a remix album Life Is Hard is coming in June.  To kick it off is “Good Luck”, a song from BLx2’s album Life Is Easy, which grew on me months after the album was released.  It’s a pretty potent diss of a song that goes perfectly with the early 90’s house rhythm, and is dead on similar in theme to Basement Jaxx’s 2004 hit also called “Good Luck” (mashup, please?).  For the remix album and the above new video – and who’d have thought of Rod Thomas as a boxer – well, perhaps metaphorically 😛 – Scissor Sisters’ Ana Matronic joins to inject an entertaining, welcome campy side to the song.  Good on Rod and his team for giving “Good Luck” its own due showcase.

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