@dbClifford is back with new project @Phonixamadhi and “Away” and “Stole My Line”

PHONIXAMADHI, “Away” and “Stole My Line”

One of those chance online conversation with fellow music buffs evolved into this post about relatively new UK-based trio Phonixamadhi, who released a self-titled EP last year.  This in fact is a project headed up by Canadian singer/songwriter dbClifford (along with fellow vocalist/multi-instrumentalist William Cartwright and drummer Arjun Magee), who is remembered fondly for a couple of domestic Top 40 2007/08 hits, “Simple Things” and “Don’t Wanna”, both of which did well in other international territories, especially Japan.  Phonixamadhi has crafted a blend of dirty funk, jazz and pop, the combination of which often does not get served well by radio, since it doesn’t seem to ‘fit’, yet people go absolutely wild for it in a club setting.  “Away” and “Stole My Line” are both polished slices of this mix, led by dbClifford’s sparkling voice.  Check out the videos above and listen to the entire EP, available on iTunes, below on Phonixamadhi’s Soundcloud page.

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