Collaborations like this do work: @FFS_music with “Johnny Delusional”

FFS, “Johnny Delusional”

It’s the perfect slice of alt.rock to tickle your fancy as we head into the summer months.  From their self-titled album, due this week, is FFS with “Johnny Delusional”.  FFS = Scotland’s Franz Ferdinand + legendary U.S. brother duo Sparks.  And while that pairing may cause heads to scratch initially, when you hear “Johnny Delusional” you will know exactly why it works.  For Sparks arrived on the music scene well over 40 years ago with their irreverent, unique, and yes sometimes confusing approach to pop/rock, which worked well for them particularly in the UK with many Top 10 hits that spanned from the glam rock through the disco eras.  In the 80’s they found themselves part of the new wave cadre, with their biggest pop successes in North America in 1982-83.  Then came another revival, with more inventive dance music (recalling their 1979 collaboration with Giorgio Moroder) in the mid-90’s.  But Sparks have never been idle, and bring a fresh approach to today’s alt.rock with Franz Ferdinand, themselves mainstays of the UK charts in the last decade.  The video may have your head spinning a bit with the seamless editing and seemingly endless camera work similar to the videos for The White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army” or even the feel of the one-take 80’s video of “Girls with Guns” by Tommy Shaw.  But “Johnny Delusional” has built a bridge from the 70’s to today, with humour and sarcasm in the lyrics that recalls both Sparks and Franz Ferdinand.  Try to escape this one on alt.rock radio for the rest of the year… it will only grow on you.

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