Uninvited Guests (@GouldUninvited) and their own special guests update the music of Glenn Gould

UNINVITED GUESTS:  Glenn Gould vs Missy Elliott “That Yo Chick”; vs Dr. Dre & Gwen Stefani “Ya’ll Know Me”; vs B.o.B. “Headband”

One of 2015’s more inspired and interesting projects is brought to us by the mysterious Uninvited Guests.  For these talented folks have the backing of unparalleled Canadian classical talent Glenn Gould’s estate to bring his music to a new audience.  So not unlike fusion ideas of a project like Verve Remixed (for classic jazz and R&B) or even a recent band example like fellow Canadians BADBADNOTGOOD (jazz/pop/rock/hip hop but not the kitchen sink), Uninvited Guests use skills and styles to fuse Glenn Gould’s music with contemporary rhythms and songs by the likes of Missy Elliott, Dr. Dre, Gwen Stefani, B.o.B., Justin Timberlake, J. Cole, and even The Beatles.  

Now that doesn’t mean just about anyone’s fair game; this isn’t about goofing around.  Uninvited Guests have already set some of their mashups to videos.  “That Yo Chick” uses the bizarro “13 Ghosts” (Margaret Hamilton gives it away 😉 ) as its visual basis, and works best (above); “Ya’ll Know Me” (“Forgot About Dre” meets “Hollaback Girl”) uses a boxing movie backdrop; “Headband” features old clips of ultra-limber women; “Sexy Bach” (with Justin Timberlake of course) gets it on to old jazzercise videos.  The project is not really for purists but definitely for the curious, both musicians and fans alike.  

I like it best when Glenn Gould’s piano really get lost in some of the arrangements as if it’s an alternate recording more than a mashup.  In some cases, like with “Sexy Bach”, it honestly doesn’t work too well.  But definitely top marks here for Uninvited Guests in creating some unique far-outside-of-the-box works.  I hope they’re able to parlay this into live performance, where it could be striking to see in person.

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  1. […] Uninvited Guests attempted to do last year with updated renditions of classical Glenn Gould songs (read my post).  It’s full of spirit and sustains its four minutes well.  Be sure to give TRI’s […]

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