You should hear Melissa Manchester’s new single “Open Spaces and Gas Stations” @Melissashares


MELISSA MANCHESTER, “Open Spaces and Gas Stations”

Grammy-winning superstar Melissa Manchester carves out some new territory in her illustrious and busy career with “Open Spaces and Gas Stations”.  What pop music fan doesn’t own at least one of her records? 🙂 This new single follows the New York-born singer’s recent pop/jazz success with You Gotta Love The Life, which features Al Jarreau and Dionne Warwick among others.  The singer has nary skipped a beat over the years with album releases, performing, and teaching, and “Open Spaces” switches pop styles for Melissa, in this collaboration with Toronto-based singer/songwriter James Collins, who co-wrote Melissa’s “My Christmas Song for You” as well as the much-played “Frozen In Time (The New Wedding Song)”.  “Open Spaces” treads successfully into Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood Mac territory – think of Stevie’s duet with Don Henley on “Leather and Lace”, or maybe Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain” or “As Long As You Follow”.  The former to me is the best reference, which also captures not only the standout country-flavoured backdrop but also the delicate, seasoned production.  It’s the kind of gentle song that makes you feel good and will hush an attentive audience in concert.  It may not necessarily sound too much like Melissa Manchester in her heyday, but audiences will find much to enjoy with “Open Spaces and Gas Stations”.  Give it a listen below.

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  1. Great tune and great review!

  2. Great track lyric and vocals! Great to see her moving in various musical territories. something not many artists can do.

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