It’s finally time for a gorgeous new song by @ZacPoor, “The Way It Feels”

ZAC POOR, “The Way It Feels”

I’ve had really good feelings about the music of singer/songwriter Zac Poor since I first heard and wrote about him around five years ago.  It looked like something was about to blow up in 2012 when he sang a cover of “Skyscraper” that totally floored me, and I wrote about him again at year’s end that year as one of the most promising new talents going into 2013.  Well it’s taken more time but new music from Zac, who relocated to Australia, is finally here.  And he’s kept a collaboration with the extremely talented producer/songwriter MdL for “The Way It Feels” from the upcoming EP The Crossroads Sessions.  Zac’s vocal is such a highlight in this song that you almost forget what a gorgeous and gentle song it is!  Zac has this ability to hover a full-sounding voice in this almost-whisper zone (which first appears after around the 40 second mark) which helps make “The Way It Feels” so unique and appealing.  His voice doesn’t soar like in “Skyscraper” but I’m sure he’s saving that for other songs.  For now, it’s time to (re)introduce yourself to Zac Poor.  If “The Way It Feels” is just the start a new beginning, I’ll be along for the rest of the ride!  Listen from his Soundcloud link above.

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