Edgy and melodic alt.rock from trio @MyStarvingLion – “The Underground” and “Painted Polaroids”


MY STARVING LION, “The Underground” and “Painted Polaroids”

Originally based out of Kansas and led by vocalist Adam Spanier, My Starving Lion carves out edgy and melodic alt.rock on their sophomore album The Underground LP.  Highlights of this absorbing, sometimes intense album for your attention include its title song and “Painted Polaroids”.  The trio, also featuring Dylan Power and Elise Kerchal, seems to draw influences from post-punk early 80’s up to and including New Order in particular, and then marries those styles with the likes of bands like Neon Trees, which becomes especially noticeable when adding vocals by Elise.  “The Underground” is probably the best rocking kind of introduction to My Starving Lion, while “Painted Polaroids” tones down the grittiness and amplifies melody and emotion.  It all makes for stalwart, passionate performances which would translate well into a club setting.  The best way to get to know My Starving Lion is to pour through the band’s EPK right here.  Then, pick up The Underground LP through either My Starving Lion’s website or iTunes.

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