More than money can buy: “Made Of Dreams” by @BrandynBurnette, plus “1,000 Degrees of Separation” demo

BRANDYN BURNETTE, “Made of Dreams”, “1,000 Degrees of Separation” (demo)

As the release of Brandyn Burnette’s EP Made of Dreams approaches, the appearance of the title song brings it all full circle for me, back to last year around this time when I was just getting to know “Thanks For Nothing”.  “Made of Dreams” is another buoyant pop anthem like that.  I always enjoy how Brandyn and his songwriting team look at real-life situations and the positive sides of everything, which often includes finding someone who shares your ideals and isn’t so interested in all of the tangible things in life.  Never doubt or second-guess your dreams.  Even if you can’f fulfill them, they’re still all yours!  I would say “Made of Dreams” is just as radio-ready as “Thanks For Nothing” too.  With Brandyn and Molly Moore on a songwriting junket in NYC this week, who knows what gems will come out of that trip? 🙂

“Made of Dreams” also gives me a nice segue into writing about Brandyn’s recent demo, “1,000 Degrees of Separation”.  As I rule I don’t write about demos but “1,000 Degrees” is low-fi having been recorded on Brandyn’s phone with minimal production.  It has a sparse quality like if you happened to walk into a New Orleans R&B/jazz club while the singer is rehearsing with next to no people in the room.  Its soulful vibe greatly enhances the longing you will feel in the lyrics.  A lot of folks have written some kind words about “1,000 Degrees” so maybe it will end up on a future Brandyn record.  For now hear it (below, and “Made of Dreams” above) on Soundcloud.

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  1. […] already previewed four songs from it, including the anthemic title song, the innovative progressive soul of “Nothing At All”, the intensely emotional […]

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