The dance floor awaits with sizzling “Shadows Of The Moon” by @Rozallab & @HouseofVirus

ROZALLA & HOUSE OF VIRUS, “Shadows Of The Moon”

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, just make it even better!  90’s dance floor queen Rozalla made a huge and kind of unexpectedly splashy comeback earlier this year with “If You Say It Again”, which made it seem like old times by reaching #3 on the Billboard Dance Club Play chart.  So with the same team in mind, and the addition of producer/DJ’s House Of Virus, we now have the sizzling “Shadows Of The Moon”.  This is the kind of feel good, designed-for-nightlife song that should soar its way to #1, which Rozalla experienced three times in 1992-93 with her classics “Everybody’s Free (To Feel Good)”, “Are You Ready To Fly”, and her cover of The O’Jays’ “I Love Music”.  “Shadows Of The Moon” literally leaps out of the speakers with that familiar voice and classic rhythm.  It’s beckoning you now – so watch the video above and let your feet do the talking.  Remixes are coming – again by the same folks behind those of “If You Say It Again”, so you know there will be instant variety, and they will also join the currently-charting “A Higher High” by Nathalie Archangel (read my blog post right here).

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