Part 1 of Previews from @BrandynBurnette’s upcoming Made Of Dreams EP: new video for “I Wanna Be (Free)” featuring Nevelle Viracocha

BRANDYN BURNETTE featuring NEVELLE VIRACOCHA, “I Wanna Be (Free)” (video)

This is part one of a series of previews from Brandyn Burnette’s Made of Dreams EP, which will arrive on November 13.  Track listing:


I don’t usually write more than one or possibly two posts about the same song, but after it spent five non-consecutive appearances at the top of my personal chart, and after hearing a couple of remixes and watching the original and fan videos for Brandyn Burnette’s “I Wanna Be (Free)”, the song has become a key part of the core of my music in 2015 and likely this decade so far.  In no matter what form, the song takes hold of you and does not let go.

This new interpretation, featuring rapper Nevelle Viracocha, only goes to show that a great song is diverse and adaptable to many styles of music.  I originally thought “I Wanna Be (Free)” to be this carefree, southern California-influenced summer beach song of escape (from whatever you want).  I still fondly think of it this way for my own enjoyment.  But I’ve come to discover that the song was intended to be so much more, both a powerful and a societal statement about the desperate need to be free in various ways and forms.  

“I Wanna Be (Free)” is all Brandyn, including production, and he also co-directed the new video, which has a chaotic feel to reinforce the emotion in the song.  I’ve played this version for a few people, and some of them prefer it over the original.  Nevelle’s powerful rap to me almost overwhelms the gorgeous piano at the start but the hip hop style sets the no-nonsense tone for the scenes that follow.  This version is also a perfect companion to Brandyn’s other recent song “Stand Down (2150 A.D.)” .  By the time the video is all done, the need to be free still continues, it’s a dream we all chase.  

Watch the video above.  It’s the kind of video that will make you react and want to say something.  Feel free to add a comment on this blog post or tweet me @billcs .

Watch this blog for more previews from the Made of Dreams EP 🙂

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