@Eurielle_music’s debut album Arcadia is a bountiful, lush, cinematic escape



When I last left off about a year ago with writing about UK pop/classical singer Eurielle’s music on several occasions, she had found her way to the heart of fans of The Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit movies by recording “The Song Of Durin”.  This led to other related opportunities, and ultimately resulted in two of her songs being included in the album soundtrack to TV’s Downton Abbey!  They are “Nothing Will Be Easy” and “I’ll Count The Days”, which you can hear on this You Tube playlist.  

In the midst of all of this, record companies came-a-courting while Eurielle recorded this debut album, Arcadia, which arrived last month as an independent release.  No understated new agey album this, Arcadia is rich with a myriad of personalities in a variety of stories which could easily create their own mini-movies.  Each is memorable in its own way; you may prefer a song like “Whispers” (video below), which is pretty much an instrumental with Eurielle’s wordless vocal atop; or “City of the Dead”, full of imagery and stunning high notes; or “Eurielle”, which doesn’t yet reveal the mystery that is the singer herself.  My new favourites are the new “Je t’adore”, plus the previously available “Hate Me” and “Carry Me”, in addition to the three songs from her entire previous EP The Incarnation (“Gold”, “Waterfalls”, “I’ll Be Waiting”) which I first wrote about two years ago and all included.  Arcadia’s timing was perfect, because the performer to whom Eurielle may be compared the most, Enya, recently released her first album of new music in almost 10 years, called Dark Sky Island, and Arcadia is a perfect companion.  But like the music of Enya, Eurielle’s songs will carve their own way.  Lushly, carefully, and lovingly produced, Arcadia is the start of great things to come!

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