Feel good and be yourself: “Love Me Lessons (Imma Be)” by @LucienDante (featuring Lu Reads)

The video for “Love Me Lessons (Imma Be)”has taken me by as much surprise as when I first heard Chicago singer/songwriter Lucien Dante’s “Black Water” some months ago.  The laid back, intriguing vibe of that song helped get it to #5 on the BILLCS Top 30, and I subsequently wrote a blog post about his album Our Of We.  

While I mentioned “Love Me Lessons (Imma Be)” as a highlight in that post, I really didn’t come back to the song much.  But the singer has nailed it with this video.  You won’t be able to help but smile after watching it, and if you know anyone who’s feeling down about themselves they should watch it too.  It’s messages are very simple.  You’ve gotta love yourself for who you are, and enjoy life and have fun because it’s contagious.  Just do it!!  

What’s even more impressive is that the singer directed the video and co-edited, and I must say his vision and the flow of the video work so very well.  Also, the hip hop flavour that Lu Reads gives to the song for some reason works a lot better in this visual context.  So I’ll definitely be revisiting “Love Me Lessons (Imma Be)” thanks to the insight that the video has created.  You can pick up the song as well as the Our Of We album on iTunes.  Lucien Dante is a multi-talent to watch!

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