Hit-in-waiting “Let Me Touch Your Fire” by @Arizona_music gets a chilled out @Snowmassbeats remix!

A R I Z ON A  “Let Me Touch Your Fire” (Snøwmass remix)

I enjoy finding out about new songs through remixes.  New Jersey trio A R I Z O N A has just signed to Atlantic Records and are off to a great start with “Let Me Touch Your Fire”.  I call this one a ‘hit-in-waiting’ because it’s not the kind of song that will strike you as being perfect for radio, it sort of sneaks up on you!  Songs like this create a slow burn at the start and then BOOM!  Look at Mako’s “Smoke-Filled Room”, one of my favourites which I found out about through Elephante’s great remix, a Top 5 Dance Radio Airplay hit out of nowhere.  “Let Me Touch Your Fire” has an 80’s flavour to it that reminds me of synth ballads like Mike + The Mechanics’ “Silent Running” or Cutting Crew’s “I’ve Been In Love Before”.  And remixer Snøwmass is on a roll, taking “Let Me Touch Your Fire” into a chilled out future trap direction featuring a break that will make dancers glitter under the strobe lights.  It’s a terrific remix to break up a busy set which will lead to some always welcome romance on the dance floor.  Pick up the original on iTunes and download Snøwmass’ remix for free on Soundcloud above.  And remember where you read about it if you hear it on the radio!

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