#BILLCSTop30 #476 – February 8/16

The new chart gets significantly shaken ‘n stirred, which I think will continue to happen in the coming weeks if fabulous dance music and remixes keeps coming my way ūüôā

The Top 10

  • It has honestly been such a rush having Simon Curtis’ songs from his mixtape 8bit Heart now available in new versions on his Super 8bit Heart album release. ¬†Rebuilding “8bit Heart” itself was no mean feat but it’s so beautifully done it’s been like an old friend coming to visit after 6 years. ¬†So emotions conquer and the redux of “8bit Heart” is the fastest riser vaulting 10-1. ¬†The original version reached #1 on July 5, 2010 for two appearances.

  • Had there been no “8bit Heart” redux, “Wrong” by MAX (Schneider) featuring Lil Uzi Vert would surely be at the top of the chart, and if it hangs out in the runner up spot it may get there, despite serious competition brewing. ¬†No promises – but yeah THAT close this week. ¬†“Wrong” climbs 5-2.
  • The guys in L.A.-based duo Mako started a contest a while back for remixers to chime in with their renditions of “Smoke Filled Room”, which hangs tight at #3. ¬†One of those remixes in contention is by none other than Sn√łwmass, who you’ve read about in these pages quite recently. ¬†He puts a chilled-out trap spin on the song while making sure the emotional side stays intact. ¬†Check it out above – it will be interesting to see what remix will win!

  • I thought it might be a shoo-in for #1 a few weeks ago, but now not so much! ¬†Adele’s “All I Ask” bounds 8-4, but is faced with more competition that wasn’t around initially! ¬†Still – such a beautiful song.

  • As “I Wish (My Taylor Swift)” leaves the Top 10, “Kiss The Sky” featuring Wyclef Jean arrives at #7! ¬†Can’t wait to hear the rest of The Knocks’ album 55 – if it’s like what I heard in concert then it’s bound to be one of the best albums of the year.

  • Molly Moore’s gorgeous and heart-wrenching “Blood. Sweat. Tears” makes its move ¬†to #9 and gives the singer her first Top Tenner on this chart. ¬†And in case you missed it, check out Sweekuh’s dubsteppy remix of her song “Peace Of My Heart” below!
  • I’ve been reading so much great press about Toronto’s River Tiber lately. ¬†2016 could be even a more breakout year for the massive talent that is Tommy Paxton-Beesley. ¬†Continue to check out the EP When The Time Is Right, featuring “Waves” which climbs to #10. ¬†River Tiber’s “The City” climbed to #1 on this chart 3 years ago this month.

Movin’ On Up


  • Troye Sivan’s Blue Neighbourhood is one treat of an album that you need to hear. ¬†His voice is so much improved over his earlier songs, and his ability to spin a story with such a personal touch is captivating. ¬†My favourites from that album continue to be “Talk Me Down” (20-12) and “Wild” (21-14), but you will see further down that a third song from the album premieres on the chart too!

  • “Down” by Brandyn Burnette is his third entry on the chart from his Made Of Dreams EP, and continues to move up 18-15. ¬†In case you missed it, remixers Win & Woo and Kiso crafted¬†“Made Of Dreams” into a club-worthy variation, check it out below.
  • The second entry from Super 8bit Heart is “Super Psycho Love” by Simon Curtis, all spruced up with a new house beat that totally suits the song. ¬†It rises 24-16.

  • I think that “When The Bassline Drops” by Craig Davis & Big Narstie is one of the coolest, fun dance songs out there. ¬†UK fans think highly enough of the song to send it into the UK Singles Chart Top 10 this week. ¬†It soars 27-19 on my chart.


  • I am completely enthralled with Clinton Washington’s follow up to “Hearts Beat Loud” (which just peaked at #6) called “Frozen”, which arrives at #20. ¬†I have been in that place that the song describes and broke through that invisible ice with a clean outlook on love and life. ¬†With an even more stunning vocal than the previous single, “Frozen” deserves to be heard and appreciated. ¬†And yeah, it’s gonna do well on this chart ūüôā

  • The third song to debut from Troye Sivan’s Blue Neighbourhood is the third song in its video trilogy, “Fools”, at #26. ¬†The song has a tremendous vocal and affecting chorus, and I don’t think it will waste any time catching up with “Talk Me Down” and “Wild”.

  • The final debut goes to Calvo’s “Vicious Girl” at #27. ¬†The song’s melody simply stays stuck in your head and the video creates a memorable storyline. ¬†Supporters such as Avicii are right behind this song, released by Armada Music no less, so don’t be surprised if you hear it in a dance club soon!

The Full Chart

Listen to the songs or watch the videos using the links on the pictures on the pretty and detailed¬†web edition of my chart.¬†Go on, have a look and listen/watch ūüôā

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