@CallMeKarizma tells it like it is with gritty, witty album “Loser” and new video “.45”

CALL ME KARIZMA, Loser (album) and “.45” (video)

I’ve been touting the blond, bespectacled, but very cool Minnesota rapper Call Me Karizma these last few months since I saw him open for MAX (Schneider) in Toronto, through recent blog posts about his songs “Euphoria”, “I’m Alive, But I’m Not Here”, and best of all, “u suck” (which features a smashing sample of “Why Don’t You Do Right”, the Peggy Lee song as covered by UK singer Bev Lee Harling).  

Karizma recently released his 9 song self-produced album Loser, which features all of the above three songs, plus 6 others that continue to touch on validating the complex feelings of the younger generation – loneliness, self-image, self-worth, and generally being okay with oneself.  Karizma stays mainly at that level lyrically, keeping it compelling in songs like “Rage” , “In Over My Head” (with featured rap by Nicky Gwiggs), and “Better Alone”.  “F U Till I F U” has Karizma getting blunt about a relationship and despite the hard hitting lyrics he articulates after-the-fact what isn’t said face-to-face.  But Karizma is one smart, intuitive cookie.  He gives his older audience clever instrumentation and production to back it all up.  And despite his sentiments in some songs, the interjection of wit helps the audience understand not to take everything literally – be who you are, lovable losers all!  Loser is a fine full effort which you can hear at the link above (along with five additional songs, including the terrific and anthemic “Coolest Kid”) and Call Me Karizma will go far because of his ability to tell stories while empathizing and empowering.

“.45” is Karizma’s new video (below), which is not part of the Loser album for purchase, though you can hear it on the Soundcloud link above and other streaming services.  It’s one of Karizma’s deeper songs, enhanced by the imagery in the video, usually on a TV screen or in the background, which shows the craziness that can go on in one’s head.  Again not to be taken too literally, “.45” echoes the sentiments of many young folks who feel that they’re trapped with no way out.  The song, featuring a hypnotic, droning piano melody (which may be a sample), which really helps one think if one really wants to be in the shoes of the protagonist of the song.

Call Me Karizma will be heading to you sometime soon – watch for Spring tour dates 🙂

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