US electronic performer @dnotive arrives with 80’s inspired “Second Chances”

d.notive, “Second Chances”

“Second Chances” is deliberately paced, progressive electronica by Minneapolis-based performer d.notive, currently on release with his album Sentinel.  “Second Chances” is a compelling listen thanks to d.notive’s dark vocal style and inspiration that immediately conjure up your favourite songs by the likes of Depeche Mode, New Order, Nine Inch Nails or Sisters of Mercy.  There is an ongoing hungry market in the pop world for revisiting the post new wave era of the 80’s, which has contributed to Pet Shop Boys’ ongoing success, and d.notive does this with his own flourishes.  In his album Sentinel you’ll hear a number of fine instrumentals, such as the fast-paced “Back In The Saddle”, some with some definite R&B/funk influences, but other songs with his vocals like “One Way Trip” or “Martyr” really stand out.  Check out “Second Chances” above and pick up Sentinel on iTunes.