Entertaining Beasties-inspired rap from NYC’s The Village Sound (@tvsoundmusic) with “Circles”


NYC group The Village Sound – focusing on the Brothers Gorman, particularly vocalist Dan – provide a great introduction to what they’re all about in “Circles”.  There is so much familiar in this particular rap and hip hop style – particularly Beastie Boys, but Eminem, Linkin Park, and Korn all come to mind as well – tough and on-point, but fun and eminently listenable as well.  “Circles” is all about people listening to the voices of only a select few, when others have something potentially important to say.  So the Gormans definitely get their digs in while injecting ribald humour into the proceedings as well.  Dan makes a convincing, and commanding case in the video which would translate well on to the stage, and the camera clearly loves him 🙂  While rap is not always a style that’s in my regular wheelhouse of tunes, The Village Sound know their craft and their audience – do check out the well-shot video below.

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