@EricSaademusic changes it up with infectious “Colors”


ERIC SAADE, “Colors”

It has mystified me these past 5 years why Eric Saade is not a bonafide star outside of the Nordic part of Europe with glorious and amazing songs like “Popular”, “Hotter Than Fire”, and last year’s “Sting”, all much written about in these blog pages.  From his forthcoming album comes “Colors”, which takes him away from the kind of R&B/hip hop oriented pop that was finding favour in Europe a few years ago and back to stylish, melodic synth pop which set his star on fire when “Popular” won Sweden’s Melodifestivalen in 2011.  “Colors” also contains a restrained and mature vocal which does not compete for a change with the synth backdrop.  Eric Saade continues to progress and “Colors” is another winner with a few new tricks up its sleeve.  Pick it up on iTunes.  Listen to it right here on Spotify.

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