Pop! goes Spring! British Columbia’s Tristan Thompson (@tristantmusic) returns with “Man Of Your Dreams”

TRISTAN THOMPSON, “Man Of Your Dreams”

“Man Of Your Dreams” is the perfect song to put that Popervescence into your Spring months.  Tristan Thompson is the teenage singer I wrote about two years ago when his  single “Tidal Wave” (from his debut album Here For You) caught my ears at his young age of 15 with its infectious Michael Jackson flavour mixed with a solid pop foundation, scoring a #1 song on the BILLCS Top 30.  Songs from the album found their way to radio stations across Canada, including the hard-to-break Quebec market, as well as far away places such as New Zealand!  Tristan’s second album Love You Can Believe In is on its way, and “Man Of Your Dreams” is a great lead-in featuring a friendly video and a vocal that is only giving you a taste of what Tristan is capable.  The song is produced by veteran production team Boomtang Boys, and Tristan this time gets a co-write with Tylor Johnson, whose words and music Tristan brought to life on Here For You.  Radio stations that enjoyed previous singles such as “Burn Again” will find listeners responding to “Man Of Your Dreams” too.  Pick it up on iTunes.

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