“I Thought You Were My Friend” by @weareFightNight where punk influences and EDM make a happy medium

FIGHT NIGHT, “I Thought You Were My Friend”

The Washington, DC duo Fight Night, consisting of singer Andy Gruhin and producer Josh Grant, follow up their EP Underground with “I Thought You Were My Friend”, a decidedly different, rock-flavoured EDM track that can easily turn heads.  Picture if you will the approach and attitude of say All-American Rejects, Simple Plan, or blink-182 (timely this considering the latter’s comeback!), and pair it up with slick but not too busy electronica, which allows the rock guitars to be prominent throughout.  Add to that a common lyric for our teens and 20s generation and you have “I Thought You Were My Friend”.  I like it when performers and producers step outside the often narrow confines of pop music and can realize a song with true potential.  Find out why and download Fight Night’s “I Thought You Were My Friend” using the link above.

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