“Infinity” is saucy and sexy Italodisco from @OsvaldoSupino


It’s been a while since I’ve written about Italy’s super nice but ever bold Osvaldo Supino, but continuing with single releases from his most recent album Behind The Curtain is “Infinity”.  The song itself is  saucy and spicy with only every naughty intention in mind, and is a must for dance clubs to embrace with another direct Osvaldo vocal that I can only compare to SIRPAUL.  Accompanying the single release is the above video where Osvaldo gets it on and more with his hunky co-star, with lots of body contact for those of you who enjoy that.  It’s quite the travelogue, with an ever-familiar looking Miami backdrop, only spoiled a smidge by 15 seconds which seem to be tacked on to provide an ending that was hardly necessary.  No matter, Osvaldo has enough going on in the song itself to keep listeners overflowing with far too many sexy thoughts 🙂