@missMollyMoore’s cover of #FrankSinatra’s “Come Fly”gets a @NewImmunity EDM makeover

MOLLY MOORE, “Come Fly” (New Immunity remix)

Molly Moore’s EP from last year, Shadow Of The Sun, had so many strong originals (such as “Blood. Sweat. Tears.”) that I sometimes forget that she also included her own enticing alternative pop version of Frank Sinatra’s “Come Fly With Me” in that release.  New Virginia duo New Immunity (aka Tyler and Garret) have recognized “Come Fly”‘s special qualities and chose to add their own flourishes in a remix that is even three or four shades of different from Molly’s version.  Alternately symphonic and lush, and ear-popping and psychedelic, New Immunity shows that even a classic like this can be reconfigured and electrified.  Yet it takes nothing away from the intent of Frank’s original or Molly’s rework.  I’m very big on enhancing and reinventing and New Immunity does it in style.  Download it from the link above.

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