@JesseMcCartney pairs up with #EDM performer @BuiltByTitan for “Dangerous”

BUILT BY TITAN featuring JESSE McCARTNEY, “Dangerous”

Now there’s two more things that you didn’t necessarily expect to see together besides Jesse McCartney and “The Walking Dead” – how about Jesse McCartney and EDM!  US-based Philippines EDM artist Built By Titan (aka Fred Williams) managed to snag Jesse to co-write and perform “Dangerous” with him.  The result will definitely sneak up to you, as a particularly understated early start to the song gets changed up fast with a percolating futuristic drop which puts Jesse in a place where you’ve never heard him.  It’s that innovative-sounding chorus which totally makes the song and I’d like to see some remixers wrestle with it and keep the song’s original integrity too.  I’ve been waiting for something like this for Jesse since his 2008 album Departure, which brought us his big hits “Leavin'” and “How Do You Sleep”.  Those ones and other songs from it, particularly “Relapse”, remain my favourites by him and to me are his best works to this day.  Built by Titan and Jesse McCartney make a great pair!  Pick up “Dangerous” on iTunes.

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