Join the adventure with @PistolsandPints in “The Last Chance” (featuring @DaveyNate and @PrivateRy)

PISTOLS & PINTS featuring DAVEY NATE & PRYVT RYN, “The Last Chance”

I’m fortunate to hear a lot of evolution happening in the wings with EDM with a move towards including live instrumentation alternating with washes of synths.  “The Last Chance” is a 90’s rock inspired track that marries the essence of Red Hot Chili Peppers to the adventurous EDM sound of a rising dance act like Mako.  Pistols & Pints is actually L.A.’s Alex Gabrielian’s space for a collaborative, well-thought out sound that will make you hear something different on each listen.  Davey Nate’s voice totally suits the song and Pryvt Ryn’s guitar work shines throughout.  But it’s the uplifting vibe of the song – and it’s so very much L.A. – that will win you over, and it’s no wonder that it’s being featured in the upcoming surf film “7 Miles of Paradise”.  So don’t just catch the wave, ride it!  Listen to “The Last Chance” above and pick it up on iTunes.

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