@Billie_R_Martin conquers dance clubs once again with “The Glittering Gutter”

BILLIE RAY MARTIN, “The Glittering Gutter” (Dave Audé radio edit)

British pop/dance singer Billie Ray Martin has never been away from making music for very long, though it’s been over 20 years already since “Your Loving Arms” would be heard relentlessly in dance clubs throughout 1995/96 and evermore on 90’s nights.  Billie Ray recently landed once again in the Top 20 of the Billboard Club Play chart with “The Glittering Gutter”, which has an array of dance mixes to choose from.  But it’s the Grammy winning Dave Audé’s radio edit which is the real zinger, accompanied by an odd, slightly creepy video which reminds me a lot of F.W. Murnau’s German expressionist post WWI films.  From her album The Soul Tapes, “The Glittering Gutter” is a return to 90’s styled house music at its best with a dynamic vocal by Billie Ray.  Dance music fans never forget and when a track is so good like “The Glittering Gutter” then that only means demand for more from performers like Billie Ray Martin.  It’s available for purchase on most platforms.

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