Make your best move with “Shy” by @TheMagician featuring @BraytonBowman


I’m a little late on this one as it came to my attention twice last week but “Shy” by Belgian producer/songwriter The Magician featuring 22 year old Philadelphian vocalist-on-the-rise Brayton Bowman is special for so many reasons.  That layered, commanding production is front and centre with bass synths and a killer drop that send the song well on its way.  Brayton has been on the bubble for a while now and his gritty and soulful voice reminds me of someone inspired by classic R&B like John Newman.  But “Shy” is one of those great songs that immediately send folks onto the dance floor at clubs.  You’ll just have to watch those guys and gals who are out to impress and make their best move when this song comes on.  Bonus – it would sound great on the radio.  Listen above and pick it up on iTunes (also check out the fiery club mix!).