Two big thumbs up for @officialKoni’s remix of @MajorLazer’s “Cold Water”

MAJOR LAZER, “Cold Water” (Koni remix featuring Lea, Nick, J.Roosevelt & EZY)

Songs receive remixes and cover versions so quickly out of the gate these days that it’s hard to keep track, and of course many of them are unofficial.  So Koni’s challenge by jumping on it right away was to make it stand out.  He’s already captured attention with remixes/reworks of songs by Adele and Drake, and lesser known ones like the fabulous remix of Bryce Fox’s “Burn Fast”.  Making “Cold Water” ‘pop’ has been achieved here by basically combining a remix with a cover version.  Koni’s “Cold Water” has a slightly different celebratory kind of vibe (cue hands in the air :P), and if you’re going to replace Justin Bieber and MØ with others they better be pretty damn good vocalists.  And they sure are!  The voices aren’t as slick but they blend well and do rise to the huge challenge, making “Cold Water” their own.  That’s the biggest success to me with this remix/cover and it’s no wonder that it’s getting so much attention right away.  There will be lots more covers and remixes of “Cold Water” but I guarantee this is one you’ll come back to – get it for free at the link above.

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