Brendan Velasquez (@BrendanV88) brings on the unassuming charm with “Disappearing”



Part of the qualities of a good record, no matter how unassuming it may seem, is charm.  Proof in the pudding are in both vocals by Maryland-raised, Texas-based Brendan Velasquez, and melody and lyrics courtesy of the ever-amazing Crush Boys (Daniel Volpe and Thomas Lipp) and Charlie Mason.  “Disappearing” is a song of self-reflection and making a decision for not only those around you but yourself as well.  Whether or not that’s the right decision is the point/counterpoint at the crux of the song.  Brendan’s voice, dreamy and full of conviction [producers/remixers – if you’re looking for another go-to voice for dance tunes… 🙂 ], sells us this dilemma, while the songwriters aptly let the story unfold and give it a sullen but silky 80’s-tinged synthpop backdrop.  Don’t let “Disappearing” slip on by, be sure to watch the video above and pick it up at your favourite digital music store.

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