NYC trio @LiquidDiet return with ultra-stylish and thought-provoking video for “Luminary”

LIQUID DIET, “Luminary”

NYC trio Liquid Diet return hot off the presses today with the delectable electropop of “Luminary” from their upcoming debut album Double Life.  Vocalists Georgia (singing “Luminary”) and Billy and electronics whiz Jonathan have wisely taken their time with their crowd-sourced release.  Temporarily putting aside humour and innuendo for this song, they’ve created a stylish, memorable, lavish-looking, and thought-provoking black and white video for “Luminary”.  Classic music video fans will immediately reference Duran Duran’s “The Chauffeur”, and the opening scene is inspired by the David Bowie film “The Hunger”, but it’s way more than meets your eyes.  You’ll be transfixed to figure out what in fact is going on.  Georgia’s attire and make up are throwbacks to Marlene Dietrich and Gloria Swanson, and the video direction recalls post-“Citizen Kane” era movies.  A dash of “Twin Peaks” silent storytelling – it’s all in the touches, moves, and expressions – and the story continues… “Luminary” is delightful NYC Nu Disco that will light up the dance floors.  Check it out at the link above, but pre-order Double Life (due September 9) on iTunes and you get “Luminary” right away.  How luminiscious is that? 🙂

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