A futuristic @SeanTurkmusic remix gives pop potential to”Dive” by @TheSalvatoreG featuring @official_Enya and @itsAlexAris

SALVATORE featuring ENYA and ALEX ARIS, “Dive” (Sean Turk remix)

“Dive” is a complex and layered song from Sweden’s Salvatore Ganacci and featuring fellow Swede Alex Aris on vocals that is given pop potential through a futuristic remix from Long Island’s Sean Turk, fresh off of his collaboration with Brandyn Burnette on “Closer”.  The track is also gifted with an official sample of Enya’s “Boadicea” from her earlier pre-“Orinoco Flow” days and has been picked up by Warner Music.  I suppose when someone like Enya allows her music to grace your song then that’s a huge vote of confidence!  Sean’s remix makes this common tale of keeping a relationship together even more compelling with appropriately placed effects which heighten the urgency of the lyrics.  It adds immensely to the quieter, trap/chill original and allows Alex’s voice to get a little more under your skin.  Give it a listen above then head over to iTunes to pick it up.

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