@JustAGent crushes indie EDM with “Rolling Dice” featuring @EllaVosmusic and @JoeyJChavez

JUST A GENT featuring ELLA VOS and JOEY CHAVEZ, “Rolling Dice”

Welcome once again to the rich music world of Australian producer/DJ Just A Gent with his latest “Rolling Dice” from his EP Stories To Tell, fresh off the presses as of yesterday!  I wrote about this teen’s “Heavy As A Heartbreak” earlier this year, and “Rolling Dice” takes that several paces forward with a complex piece of storytelling that is supplemented by the epic electronic backdrop that he provides.  This isn’t meant to include all the wow and flutter of a busy dance track.  “Rolling Dice” is like a theatre piece, led by two strong, unique vocals that sound like they are at a crossroads, and as the story unfolds Just A Gent allows it to build into a grand tale with enough majestic sweeps and turns that make its 4:48 journey seem much less.  There’s major support coming out of Australia for Just A Gent such that a few US concert dates have been announced with more to come.  Check out “Rolling Dice” above and put Just A Gent on your Must Watch list for the rest of the year because I don’t think you’ll want to miss what’s coming.

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