@LoFrames adds to the sophistication of “Symmetry Of Two Hearts” by @BrightLightx2

BRIGHT LIGHT BRIGHT LIGHT, “Symmetry Of Two Hearts” (LoFrames remix)

It is VERY cool after writing about the music of Bright Light Bright Light (Rod Thomas) since 2010 that we now have next-level official remixes on deck of his songs from his third album Choreography.  LoFrames – production duo of Brit James Yuill and Frenchman Franck Russo – excise Elton John’s vocals from their remix of BLx2’s touching “Symmetry Of Two Hearts”, but the song retains its sheer elegance and receives a rich house beat and arrangement to beckon club goers to the dance floor.  And fans have already done that with BLx2’s “All In The Name”, which recently got to #25 on Billboard’s Club Play chart 🙂  This remix of “Symmetry” is very direct in its approach, and sounds like something Rod would do himself, which I’m sure makes the singer very proud indeed.   Listen to it at the link above and buy it on iTunes.

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