@GainStagemusic adds a progressive, emotional spin to “Never Be Like You” as sung by @Linneyofficial


LINNEY, “Never Be Like You” (Gain Stage remix) (free DL)

It’s a song that’s endured in clubs and on dance music radio throughout 2016, so after so many covers and remixes it’s hard to wonder what someone can come up with next with another one of Flume & Kai’s “Never Be Like You”.  St. Louis-based Gain Stage takes a pretty, believable, upper register vocal by L.A.’s Linney and surrounds it with progressive punch, leaving most of the mix in the high end too, but dropping it down effectively too at times.  The beginning fools you and brings it right down only to rebuild, and by then you’re well into two minutes of the song, which is really quite refreshing.  This helps the song sustain its 5+ minutes length, and sure, perhaps there may be some repetitive moments that could have been reduced.  But overall Gain Stage have created a more emotional alternate take on this very popular song, which draws in listeners because it gets away from and tries to be nothing like the trap-flavoured mid-tempo original.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised – check it out at the link above and download it for free.

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