L.A.’s @Mahalo_music puts an unexpectedly splendid spin on “La La Land” by @DVBBS @Shaun_Frank and @iamDelaneyJane

DVBBS & SHAUN FRANK featuring DELANEY JANE, “La La Land” (Mahalo remix) (free DL)

The song has been out for many months, but what could prompt me NOW to listen to and write about “La La Land” by my fellow Canucks DVBBS, Shaun Frank and Delaney Jane?  Why an inventive remix like no other, that’s what!  I can’t say I was keen on the laid back original mix of “La La Land”, but L.A.’s Mahalo’s rich deep house remix is quite impressive.  It brings out the darker nighttime side of L.A. to replace the sunny days and beaches that you have in your head.  The chugging rhythm plays on the relentlessness of a big city, and Delaney Jane’s vocal so suits the mix in a more forlorn, distant way than in the original.  It may not have been what the performers have in mind but my overall reaction by the end of it all is for dance clubs to dive deep into it.  Folks who know the original will appreciate this alternate version, and it will plug into sets where the original previously did not fit.  Congrats to Mahalo for deservedly creating another side of “La La Land” that is getting great reaction.  And you can download it for free at the above link.

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