“Your Love” by @ENVmusic featuring @LittleNikkisays is an irresistible dance mover ‘n shaker

E.N.V featuring LITTLE NIKKI, “Your Love”

At a time in this year when some of the dance music coming out of the U.S. is starting to sound a tad stale, there is always Britain and the rest of the world to help kick up a storm.  “Your Love” is a rollicking, deft slice of straight-up British electrohouse by E.N.V featuring Little Nikki.  It rarely lets up and takes it up several notches beyond so much downtempo songs that are surfacing right now.  If you want your crowd to keep dancing without any crazy trap or dubstep effects, just add dance radio-worthy “Your Love” to the mix.  Check it out at the link above.

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